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Six Generations for: Tintin In America / Westerly Wind

NameDoBSexInbreeding Notation
Warm Breeze1973M4m x 6f
Direct Scooter1976M4m x 5f
Bret Hanover1962M5m, 6f x 6f
Overtrick1960M5f x 6f
Most Happy Fella1967M5f, 5m x 6m
Tar Heel1948M5f, 6f x
Albatross1968M6m x 5f, 6f, 6f
Abercrombie1975Mx 5m, 5m
On The Road Again1981Mx 5f, 5m
Meadow Skipper1960M6m, 6f, 6m x 6m
Happy Motoring1976Mx 6m, 6f, 6m